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When the average age of entry into child sex trafficking is only 13 years old

Awareness Is No Longer Optional


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You do not have to be an expert to provide your students with life-saving awareness.

Whether you have extensive training in sex trafficking prevention or have only seen a random news report, we want to equip you to effectively reach your students with an unforgettable awareness experience that keeps them safe and increases their resilience.

What Is The Digital Program?

A Digital Awareness Program created to prevent child sex trafficking. 

For more than a decade, Red Light Rebellion has provided high-energy, multimedia, interactive presentations that take community members and students through a comprehensive program addressing physical and emotional health, safety, and resilience. 

We have now taken that expertise and packaged it into a digital experience that can be utilized in schools, churches, youth agencies, and the community at large. Currently packaged for schools, this program will continue to expand into a wholistic and robust prevention program never seen before. 

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"Red light Rebellion pivoted to an online platform that far exceed our expectations.  If you have seen any of their stuff online you will know how passionate and informative they are. Now just imagine them in person!!"

-Freshmen Health Teacher

How It Works

How Does It Work?

We give you everything you need for success, no teaching required. Engaging and interactive videos do all the work for you.

Log Into
Teacher Portal

Everything you need is on our digital platform.

Set Up & Test

You only need a computer, and projector/screen or TV.


Press play and follow the provided Lesson Outline.

Key Features

Key Features


Preparation Materials

Everything you need to prepare and facilitate the Digital Program.

Instructions, permission slips, preparation task list, etc.


Main Lessons

Your choice of 4 main topics: sex trafficking, mental health, healthy relationships, and exploitive media. 

Modular lessons, 20-25 minutes long. Engaging activities included.


Optional Modules

Sub-topics to the Main Lessons, including connections with specific class subjects. 

These are optional lessons, 5-7 minutes long.



Additional resources to learn more and prepare for any situation.

Optional teacher trainings, FAQ Database, etc.

Book the Digital Program

Book the Digital Program


Fill out the request form below.

Implementation Training

Receive a brief training to implement the program.


With modular lessons and engaging digital activities.

About Red Light Rebellion (RLR): RLR is a high-energy, multimedia, interactive youth program spreading awareness to prevent child sex trafficking. Thank you for your interest in our new Digital Program. You can also view our Complete Program Overview for more information on who we are.

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