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I commit to rebelling against sex trafficking and fighting for the freedom of this generation.

As a Rebel, I AM...

I believe the value of people is rooted deeper than experience, label or behavior. I commit to see the dignity of all people, including myself, and empower the best in all of us. Because people are inherently valuable.

I commit to embrace a life that is void of selfish gain, throwing myself into the bigger story of a generation of justice. I believe that by resisting the temptation to live only for myself, I will be living a life full of passion, relationship, and purpose.

The foundation of justice is relationship. We are united in our humanity, and therefore have a responsibility to protect each other. In living authentically, we truly connect with and liberate one another, diving into the messiness of life together.

A culture that allows sexual exploitation is cheap and corrupt – it is not good enough. I will not do what is common, but will interrogate the status quo. I will change minds, shift thinking, and turn opinions around by valuing humanity over profit, freedom over self-gratification, and courage over silence.

I won’t conform to a culture that is indifferent to broken people. I break the rules of a typical mediocre lifestyle, risking for the powerless and oppressed.

Welcome to the Rebellion 🤘🏽❌

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